In addition to kaws, what fashion dolls and ornaments are worth paying attention to in the near future?

In 1998, London artist James Jarvis created the doll image "Martin" and set up a creative company Amos to launch all kinds of enamel dolls to connect toys with trend culture, which caused a sensation at that time; Now, the doll collection boom set off by kaws constantly presents the image he created with such a carrier, endows art with commercial attributes and creates popularity to guide consumption, and BE@RBRICK Countless cross-border joint names. This reflects the new thinking mode of "consumer art" of young groups. Artists cross different fields such as graffiti, street, fashion or music. Their dolls or ornaments are becoming more and more popular at affordable prices and themes close to young people's lives. The annual art and design event held in Southern California is also the carnival of the Toy Festival - designercon. The "VINYL TOY network" integrates sculpture, toys, clothing, prints and other contents. Toys and ornaments themselves are endowed with meaning by art and design ideas and attract a large number of audiences. Designercon, which has just concluded this year, has even reached 700 suppliers and more than 300 artists. The relationship between street art, trend culture and doll toys and design ornaments has become more and more profound, and artists have gained more fans and attention. Today, let's take stock of the artists' co branded dolls or ornaments that deserve attention recently? Steven Harrington x Quasimoto Steven Harrington is an artist from Los Angeles. His works are full of vitality and vitality, but without losing cultural heritage. Steven Harrington's more classic works are the coconut tree named "Hello Mello" and the cartoon image of "dog Mello", which are sought after by many young people. Therefore, he has also been favored by brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, beats, IKEA, Micsoft, kiss and so on. Recently, Steven Harrington collaborated with madgibs, which is composed of American rapper Freddie Gibbs and producer madlib. Inspired by madlib's virtual character "quasimoto", he created a doll that can replace props, including Freddie Gibbs's "zebra" mask, sunglasses and chains, This doll with rich details and extraordinary significance is only limited to 400 models. Kongshanji x 2G Tokyo Konyamaki, a Japanese national treasure artist, was born on February 22, 1974. He showed a crazy love for painting since childhood. Konyamaki in high school was fascinated by collecting pictures of Playboy magazine or pavilion girls and learned to copy books and newspapers. In 1967, konyamaki saw the enrollment information of Tokyo central art school and "entrance examination free", which moved konyamaki. So konyamaki embarked on the road of art. In his works, we can see the body with sci-fi metal texture. As early as the 1990s, Kongshan base cooperated with Sony on the robot dog Aibo. In recent years, the cross-border with fashion and trend brands has attracted more attention. Recently, konyamaki and Tokyo Art Gallery 2G Tokyo launched a limited BE@RBRICK The doll is divided into two sizes: 100% and 400%. The transparent main body is used in the design, and the color matching uses the iconic metallic silver of kongshanji, with gold decorative details. The front of the doll is printed with the word "2G" logo. It is a doll with collection value and aesthetic decoration. Kenny Scharf x Peanuts x APPortfolio Kenny Scharf is a famous street artist. Most of his works are based on classic American TV cartoon images and things that can be seen everywhere in daily life. Unlike other surrealist paintings, Kenny Scharf's works are full of bright colors and a pleasant affinity. Recently, Kenny Scharf, peanauts global artist collective and apportfolio launched a limited edition doll, which is based on the cartoon characters of "Charlie Brown" and adopts very psychedelic colors, and launched two versions. One is made of enamel and resin, with a height of 30cm; The other is made of FRP material, with a height of 120 cm. Futura x Dover Street Market Futura, a graffiti artist, was recognized as "Wildstyle rocking subway king of New York" after the publication of the classic culture Book subway art in the 1980s. Futura, as the first pioneer to combine graffiti art with abstract art, as well as the first batch of cross-border cooperation with music and bring street art into the art museum, has influenced a batch of young creators in the industry. He also has many classic doll designs, "point man" is one of them. This time, in order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Dover street market's first store in London, the two sides created a new joint name based on Futura's fl-001. The doll is 47cm high and black to match the pace of Dover street market's 15th anniversary. Ron English x D*Face Ron English, a famous pop and street artist, was born in Texas in 1959. His creative features always have the logic of academic reasoning of the orthodox Art College and the subversive and critical spirit of anti sy
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In addition to kaws, what fashion dolls and ornaments are worth paying attention to in the near future?
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