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Zhenyue Arts & Craft

We Believe That "The Quality Is The Soul Of An Entreprise".
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Why Choose Zhenyue Arts&Crafts

Good Brand Reputation

Zhenyue has an area of 9,000 square meters. There are currently 150 workers in our production lines, and more than 30 offices and management staffs.

Good Product Quality

Zhenyue has been committed to the development and production of arts and crafts, whose main products involve in resin crafts, plastic crafts, ceramic crafts, glass crafts, metal crafts, etc.


Under the premise of ensuring the quality, Zhenyue provides customers with cost-effective products and high-quality services to the maximum extent! Products have been gradually put into the market in large quantities

After-Sales Service

Zhenyue provides pre-sales and after-sales service for products 7*24 hours. We not only make products, but also put service first. We know that your success is our success.


Founded in 2007


Plant area

180 +

Company employees

Why Choose Zhenyue Arts&Crafts

1. Introduce company status, product technology.


2. Provide customers with consulting and analysis to explain difficult problems.


3. According to demand, guide the customer's choice of products.


1. Follow up the contract and be responsible for organizing various departments to review the contract.


2. The contract is unknown or need consultation between the two sides, responsible for giving.


3. According to the contract requirements, tracking production and delivery, as well as tracking the production of various external components.


Customer service hotline: +8618959812575


1. From time to time tracking inspections during the warranty period, the implementation of dynamic management.


2. Responsible for the training of service personnel, so that the overall quality of service personnel continue to improve.





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